Thursday, June 17, 2004

I am no expert in the law (if only there were one of those around to explain it...), but I refuse to believe that our Constitution supports the idea of states permanently revoking an ex-felon's right to vote. They committed a crime, they paid their penalty, they should be made whole, at least insofar as they're allowed to participate in their own democracy. So, even if Florida could get it right and remove actual ex-felons from the rolls, I still think it's horrible. Really, what is the justification?? If convicted of voter fraud/manipulation or something like that, I can see a judge imposing a denial of voting rights as part of your sentence, but once the sentence is paid, I don't see where states get off adding unrelated punishment.

And, if you guys think the immigration visa application system is slow and behind, try applying to have your voting rights reinstated in the sunshine state.

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