Thursday, June 17, 2004

Be still my heart
The rational side of me says this is a horrible political idea, and will never happen (because it's a horrible idea), but Kos says there are increased, though still small rumors about a Kerry-Dean ticket, partly because of a new Zogby poll, which says Kerry-Dean would fare slightly better than Kerry-Gephardt (nothing shocking there; why not compare with Kerry-Edwards?) It sounds like Kerry knows he needs to create a spark with his choice, and with McCain firmly out of the picture, who does that leave?

On the other hand, I'm not sold on the "spark" theory anyhow. Can somebody tell me the last time we had a Vice-President with a considerably more dynamic personality than the President? I just don't know. I think people prefer to see a VP who's solid and stable, or young and full of promise, like maybe Edwards. Neither would exactly be Dean's public persona at this point.

Still, the Governor's everywhere..on CNN, Fox and MSNBC once a week, morning shows, radio interviews. You can read his newest interview, with Business Week, here.

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