Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I'm Back
Back home for regular posting. I return to find 2 things of interest: Stephanie Herseth has helped the Democrats gain a seat in the house in a special election in South Dakota, although she must face off against the same Republican candidate in November, so it could be short-lived victory and well as a very slight one. In a state in which Bush pounded Gore, this is a nice accomplishment.

But also, there's a fabulous new sport, that might help those young adrenalin-seekers in the house learn to love at least one unsavory chore. Welcome to the world of extreme ironing.
"Budding extreme ironists are advised to start ironing in the safety of their back garden, before progressing to mountainsides, woods or public places. The basic equipment is an iron and board. Ironists are also advised to take full safety equipment such as harnesses, ropes and helmets where appropriate."
Here's a picture.

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