Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Illinois Republicans Have Strong Family Values
Upset, I suppose, that President Clinton and his sexual, er, clumsiness were going to steal the family values spotlight, Illinois Republican Senate candidate Jack Ryan called a news conference to raise awareness of the fact that he is, in fact, something of a freakshow. Apparently, divorce papers were unsealed, yadda yadda. Aren't candidates supposed to dump this kind of stuff on the media on Friday afternoon?

But setting aside his bad strategy, when did S&M, and exhibitionism, become serious campaign issues? So the man's got some whips and chains and likes to have sex in public (with his wife, by all accounts). We could use that kind of open-mindedness in the US Senate, right?

Doug, can you explain to us what the heck's going on up there? Didn't we already know this stuff about him, thanks to his primary opponents? And why is he getting up in front of people talking about it? He's only charged with being a freak, right? (No laws, vows, etc...) Does he really have to answer to that?

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