Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Homicide via organized police enabling
There are not many things that piss me off much more than things like this. Former Representative (and former Governor) Janklow's records are being released now. Before his speeding finally took another person's life, it turns out Janklow had 12, that's right, 12 speeding tickets, that never negatively affected his driving status. But that's not even (literally) the half of it. Here's the infuriating part:
The study by the South Dakota Highway Patrol lists 16 times that troopers stopped Janklow, but never gave him a ticket or written warning. When asked why, they now say, they either "felt they were instructed" not to take action with the then Governor or "felt he [Janklow] had the authority" to not be cited. Another reason, the officers had too much respect for the office and position.
16 stops, are you kidding me? How about a little less respect for the ass, and a little more for those of us who have to share the road with him. Don't they look up records when they stop people? On their way to showing such respect, couldn't they have noticed that, with 12 tickets, he wasn't deserving?

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