Saturday, June 12, 2004

Kerry segues
Kerry had no choice, of course, but to suspend campaign activities for a week. It demonstrated some respect, but also nobody would have paid him any attention anyway. I'm glad to hear, this morning in the weekly Democratic address, that our candidate is back on message, picking up a point that aligns him with the Reagans, and against the President. From
"'Chances are that you love someone with such a disease [Alzheimer's],' Sen. John Kerry said in the Democrats weekly radio address after suspending his campaign for a week to honor Reagan. 'You may be that someone ...

We must lift the barriers that stand in the way of science and push the boundaries of medical exploration so that researchers can find the cures that are there, if only they are allowed to look.'

Nancy Reagan, the former president's wife of 52 years, has personally appealed to Bush to drop his opposition to funding new lines of stem cells for research, a position Bush pledged to evangelical Christians who believe that harvesting such cells is immoral.
Kerry noted that progress has always brought with it ethical arguments -- there was once, he said, a vocal opposition to heart transplants on ethical and moral grounds.

'I know there are ethical issues, but people of goodwill and good sense can resolve them,' he said. 'For I also know the fear that most Americans feel at some point -- the fear of a diagnosis that may take our life or sentence us to a diminished life.'"
And what was the President's topic today in his weekly address? 3 guesses.

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