Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Nader in trouble in AZ, PLUS I switch positions...mid-post!
I want the democratic process to be as open as the next guy, but if it's true that Nader's petition to be on the Arizona ballot is in as much trouble as Kos's updates today and yesterday suggest, I have to admit it won't upset me too much. On the other hand, there's a backlash problem. Will Green/Nader sympathizers be too angry that such an effort denied him a place on the ballot (like he will probably be denied the Presidential debates again) to show up at all? Maybe reasonable liberals who otherwise would have come around to the reality that Kerry is the vote to make, will be too pissed at a system that would scrap Ralph to be able to participate?

I think I would prefer he stayed off the ballot on purpose, than being removed this way. I also think there's a chance keeping out of the debates is a bad idea. Wouldn't the good will on Kerry's part (if he came out in public in favor of including Nader in the debates) win points with that crowd? Maybe I'm just overanalyzing. Please, someone tell me what to hope for.

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