Saturday, August 05, 2006

Lieberman Expectations
I have tried to stay away from the Lieberman-Lamont race, both because I think Joe's evil has been overstated (slightly) and more importantly because we should be focusing all our attention and resources on races with, you know, Republicans, especially ones that could help change the balance of power. But I do hope Lamont wins, and I think it's hilarious that some are actually speculating about whether Lieberman will follow through with his promise and run as an independent in the general election, if he should lose the primary by more than a few points. The idea is he'll be so humiliated he just won't be able to go on. Really?? This is the guy who, as a Presidential candidate, came in a distant 5th in New Hampshire--distant--to Kerry, Dean, Edwards, and Clark and spun it hysterically in his election night speech as something of a "statistical dead heat for 3rd place" like this might make him a comeback kid...

If he loses by anything less than 12 points--and there's no good reason to think he'll lose by more than that--he'll claim he has all the momentum, and he will give Republicans a chance to vote for him, and he has a good chance to win that way. I don't see him giving up.

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