Sunday, August 06, 2006

Breaking News/Observation
You come to this site for the keen, insightful commentary (useless boring rants) and the links to scintillating web info (too much time on my hands), but also the top reporting on essential things that may have gotten past most cultural observers. In the spirit of this last category: if you watch much tv at all, you've seen the Comcast commercials featuring the Slowskys, a turtle couple who resist comcast high-speed Internet access because it's too fast for their slower lifestyles. In one commercial, Bill is reading something out of the newspaper to his wife Karolyn. She says at the end "I didn't know you could read" and Bill retorts, mocking a line from Superman, "There's alot of things you don't know about me, Lois." It's pretty funny. Except now they've changed the commercial. Now he just says "There's alot of things you don't know about me." Which kind of ruins the joke. What gives?

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