Tuesday, August 08, 2006

It's all about Connecticut Today
Why do I get the feeling that the popular media spin, no matter who wins, will be that the Democratic Party is the big loser and in disarray because of it? And you know whose fault it will be...
no matter what happens later today, Wednesday will be the worst day of press for the progressive netroots in years. If Lamont loses, we will be branded as ineffectual, irrelevant, extremist, and destructive. If Ned Lamont wins, we will be branded as powerful, relevant, extremist, and destructive.
Some are saying turnout favors Lamont (are they ever right about that stuff??), but the news story is about evil bloggers supposedly (but probably not) hacking Lieberman's website. Lieberman's set up nicely for the general election. All of this money and attention that could have gone toward the vulnerable seat of an actual Republican...

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