Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Forbes Gives Some Relationship Advice
An article in the new Forbes magazine (yes, new) starts this way (really, it does):
Guys: A word of advice. Marry pretty women or ugly ones. Short ones or tall ones. Blondes or brunettes. Just, whatever you do, don't marry a woman with a career.

Why? Because if many social scientists are to be believed, you run a higher risk of having a rocky marriage. While everyone knows that marriage can be stressful, recent studies have found professional women are more likely to get divorced, more likely to cheat, less likely to have children, and, if they do have kids, they are more likely to be unhappy about it.
Shall we laugh or cry? What a disgusting, pathetic thing to publish. I assume these same "recent studies" would find that men are likely to get divorced, to cheat, to be uninterested in children and to surely be unhappy, whether they have a career or not. Seriously, as long as we're stereotyping (and, let's) wouldn't the most unhappy, child-hating, cheat-crazy professional women still be less so than the average man of any stripe?

What say you?

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