Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Connecticut Election Results
Sure, you could get your Lieberman-Lamont results anywhere tonight. But you might as well come here. What else am I gonna do tonight but keep you updated? And you know I won't get the kind of traffic that will slow down the site load that other official places will get. So, keep your eyes here. Officially, by the way, I'm predicting a Lieberman victory today. I'm basing that on a few facts, but mostly because I'm accustomed to losing.

And while I hope I'm wrong--I hope Lamont wins--if I had a crystal ball and could see that Lieberman wins in the general anyway, then honestly we might as well lose tonight and focus all of this money and attention on more important Senate races.

But I'll be putting up to the minute numbers here at this post so come back and refresh regularly.

98.4% precincts
Lieberman___134,257____48%....Lamont wins. Lieberman says it's just the first half. I still think it's pointless to put all the money and time into this race, especially with it looking so likely that Lieberman will win as an independent. But after his speech tonight I dislike him even more.

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