Friday, February 03, 2006

I'm proud to announce that beginning sometime next week Article 19 will turn into a group blog! You may have noticed that posting has become light and, frankly, a bit stale around here with my time being pressed. I didn't want to have to can the whole site, yet, so I've recruited an excellent team of smart, funny, passionate people to all be co-bloggers with me. Long-time readers Deb, Stevie T, Lisa E, and Kenny B will chime in, in no particular order and whenever they feel like it. Hopefully that will be enough to keep the site alive and hopping. But all former guest bloggers should feel free to post any time as well. A couple (Doug and Lewberry) already have their own fabulous blogs and I didn't want to hone in on their posting time there. But you two shouldn't hesitate to post here if ever you'd like.

So come back often next week. The content should be much improved!

Any other long-time readers who would like to go through the vigorous screening process to become a co-blogger drop me an e-mail.

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