Sunday, February 05, 2006

Multiple siblings, bar ownership, and the new Republican leadership
Gotta love the kind of sense the new Republican House leader John Boehner can make, my favorite Q & A from today's Meeet the Press (my emph.):
MR. RUSSERT: From 535 members of Congress, John Boehner ranked number 10 (in accepting trips from lobbyists) according to PoliticalMoneyLine, which did analysis of this. Over the last five years they say John Boehner received trips which would equal $157,000, privately funded. And they point out where you went, which is—and here’s, here’s a list. Congressmen Boehner: White Sulpher Springs, West Virginia, where the Green Briar Resort is, eight times; Boca Raton, Florida, six times; Scottsdale, Arizona, four times; Monterey/Pebble Beach, California twice; Edinburgh, Scotland, home of St. Andrew’s Golf Course, twice. Foreign travel: Rome, Venice, Brussels, Paris, Barcelona.

To the American people looking at that, they’re saying those aren’t exactly the global hot spots in terms of conflict. But they are places that you’d want to go and relax or play golf.

REP. BOEHNER: People want—people invite me to give speeches. And, and as you know Tim, you know, I’ve got 11 brothers and sisters, my dad owned a bar. What you see is what you get. And I’ve got a very open relationship with lobbyists in town, with my colleagues, with the press, and with my constituents. And, and as a result, you know, people invite me to go give speeches, and I go give them.
Big family + Dad owns a bar = My actions may not be questioned? What the hell is he talking about? And, no, in context it didn't make any more sense. Are those apparent non sequiturs some kind of secret code or euphemism I'm not familiar with?

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