Monday, February 27, 2006

What have you been reading, listening to, watching?

New York's MOMA's a Scream
The Museum of Modern Art is running a Munch retrospective through May, and there's a great slide-show with commentary at Slate on it. Check it out.

Load and fire that one bullet, Barney.
One of my personally best loved actors has died, Don Knotts, 81, apparently Friday night.

The Andy Griffith Show Rerun Watchers Club was founded in 1979 by four students at Vanderbilt University. The club now has approximately 20,000 members and 1,150 chapters around the world. I'm a founding member of the Girl Campers of America chapter of Nashville, TN, and probably not a week of my life has passed without watching TAGS at some point. I think Barney Fife is possibly the best sitcome character ever, thanks to Don Knotts' comedic timing and style.

Join me in tribute by watching an episode or two tonight, it's always on TVLand and usually a handful of local affiliates every day. (For non-aficionados, black and white only, please, no color episodes.) Barney, thanks and happy motoring.

Weekend Box Office:
1 Madea's Family Reunion
2 Eight Below
3 The Pink Panther
4 Date Movie
5 Curious George

Does anyone know anything about this Madea’s Family Reunion and the man behind it and it’s predecessor movie? Is it another Big Momma’s House, or something more substantial?

Programming Note: Jon Stewart will be on Larry King tonight to talk about the Oscars thing, for those of you who can overlook Larry King to enjoy Jon Stewart.

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