Friday, February 10, 2006

I know I've made my position clear on this in the past. But one more time, with feeling.

I do believe that the Democratic Party should be a place where people of good will can disagree on this. And it's refreshing to have a new infusion of religious leaders and people guided by faith to find the Dems have the best approach toward being fair, just, compassionate and free. In everything from environmental issues to budget decisions, religious folks are, in small numbers granted, starting to break with their allegiance to the GOP. And if that means that the Democrats take on more people because they agree with Jimmy Carter who still finds a measure of evil in abortion, but believes it should be safe and legal, it's ok by me. Dems can have as big a tent on this issue as they want, and keep me, so long as on the front of the tent is a big sign saying: "legal abortion is the law of the land and it should stay that way."

But the pandering here toward men who would like to have more control over what women do with their bodies can be damned offensive. In short, I agree with Kevin, completely. I don't have alot of patience for men - MEN - who go around preaching/campaigning that making abortion rare (and I will admit to having tried on this position for a time to a certain extent) should be a top-tier, direct goal of government. If the rate falls, it could well be a sign of other good things happening (fewer people impoverished, fewer people uneducated about birth control, fewer people hopeless about their future) but that's about it.

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