Tuesday, February 21, 2006

3 branches?
I still am not sure what to think about this issue of port security. It feels like something of a trap for some reason--this one's too easy. But I was struck by a couple phrases from the President's statement in strong defense of his position today, even threatening veto if Republican leadership pass a bill that would undo the deal.
I can understand why some in Congress have raised questions about whether or not our country will be less secure as a result of this transaction. But they need to know that our government has looked at this issue and looked at it carefully. Again, I repeat, if there was any question as to whether or not this country would be less safe as a result of the transaction, it wouldn't go forward.
The last time I checked, Congress was in fact a part of "our government." They even - if my high school civics class serves me right - have something of a role to play. But Bush sure doesn't sound like he considers the body to be anything other than a sideshow, allowed under some circumstances to "raise questions". It's certainly in keeping with other stances he's taken - that the Executive branch is really the only governing body. But kind of shocking that he can say it so starkly--he really is saying to Congress: "don't worry so much... 'our government' has things under control."

Whose government exactly? Sounds like he just means him, Cheney and the boys.... you know, our government.

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