Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Funeral Controversy
I shouldn't be shocked that Republicans would actually find the Coretta King funeral objectionable because people talked about war, poverty and illegal wiretaps, all of which were issues that touched the King family.

If you didn't see it, Joseph Lowery was amazing and his speech totally appropriate (you could tell that he wasn't expecting, or waiting for, a response from the crowd on his statement about WMD), Ted Kennedy kicked butt, and I heard that Jimmy Carter and Clinton were both good but missed them. If anyone finds a transcript of Lowery's remarks will you post a link?

Kos reminds us that MLK himself didn't let some need for deference get in the way speaking truth to power at funerals; and has a link showing that John McCain himself brought up politics at Barry Goldwater's funeral.

Here's Steve Gilliard. Here's Atrios. Here's Digby.

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