Monday, February 20, 2006

What have you been reading, listening to, watching?

Just What is the Big Deal?
Over at the Huffington Post today, Jesse Kornbluth tries to answer the big question I had after seeing Brokeback Mountain: "Why are so many Americans so full of fear and hate for gay men?" I don't get it either. He recounted the study that showed homophobic men being more aroused by gay porn than heterosexual porn. Does it really come down to that? A bunch of dudes with low self-esteem?
--Stevie T

British Film Awards
The British film (Constant Gardener) gets the snub. Cowboys win.

NYTimes on Jon Stewart
Profile of Stewart and the challenge of emceeing the Oscars:
Somehow, Mr. Stewart and his writers must be arch enough to bring along the 1.4 million viewers who lap up "The Daily Show" each night on Comedy Central, while being broad enough to win over perhaps 40 million other people who typically watch the Oscars but may never have seen "This Week in God," a sendup of religion that is a "Daily Show" staple.

"We're hoping to disappoint fans of 'The Daily Show' and similarly disappoint new fans who had no idea who Jon was," Mr. Karlin, now executive producer of both the Stewart and Colbert shows, said in an interview.
Weekend Box Office
1. Eight Below
2. Date Movie
3. The Pink Panther
4. Curious George
5. Final Destination 3
Blah blah blah.

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