Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm Confused [UPDATED]
Yesterday, I thought the great news of the day was that Democrats in the Senate were going to force Republicans to actually filibuster all night if they want to kill an amendment that would start bringing the Iraq War to a close. Now it sounds more like it's the Democrats who would have to debate all night. I don't get it. Is there no way to make Republicans filibuster on the floor if they are going to refuse to end debate? If anyone understands the ins and outs here, I'm all ears. Either way, if you're wondering what to watch at 1 am tomorrow morning when you can't sleep, it's called C-Span 2.

[UPDATE:I'm watching it, and I'm still confused. The speeches are fair. But all the procedural crap that happens between them is a snoozefest. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, this ain't. On the other hand, I'm learning the names of the Senators in alphabetical order, and that's got to come in handy.]

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