Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Heard Just Now On CNBC
Apparently, Giuliani's presented some kind of health coverage plan. On CNBC a few minutes ago, the white Republican guy (Jack Burkman) defending Giuliani explained to the White Democratic guy (Julian Epstein) and the white news guy (John Harwood) that covering the uninsured would actually be really simple and no problem, but they aren't going to do it because Democrats won't be satisfied until we're all waving the Russian flag and working out in the wheat fields together. My rough transcription:

White Republican guy: This whole discussion of the uninsured is a trojan horse...
White anchor woman: not if you're uninsured
White Republican guy:...because it's something that sounds good but frankly it wouldn't cost much for the federal government to do this. This is not Julian and Hillary's agenda.
White Democratic Guy: You're advocating a government solution, Jack.
White Republican Guy: This is a trojan horse into the city. What they come with next are price controls. They start with something that is relatively small. Then they come with price controls on Merck and Mylan and Astral-Zeneca.
So, see? Republicans would be glad for the federal government to cover everyone in America, but dirty communist Democrats wouldn't be satisfied, so you get nothing.

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