Monday, March 26, 2007

Rove's Secret E-Mails
Most of Karl Rove's emailing has been done not from his White House account, but from his RNC account. This isn't shocking. I'm sure most of you funnel your porn and illegal activity through non-work accounts yourself. But...if he was conducting government business (or coordinating the improper dismissal of US Attorneys for a lack of political loyalty) through any email address, that work belongs to the people and, it turns out, can't be used as an end-run around the archiving laws. Rep. Waxman has requested that all relevant emails be preserved that were written or received through RNC accounts. If at least one important player is unwilling to destroy evidence, and eventually turns over RNC emails that reflect government work, things could get very interesting, especially if we actually get to see what some of these jokers said when they assumed there's no chance anyone unintended will read...

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