Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ann Coulter and Scooter Libby
Don't feel like spinning my disgust into an epic. Safe to say it this way: this is your modern day Republican Party. Childish, vulgar, bullying hatemongers and power-loving, criminally deceitful, unaccountable tyrants.

So long as Republicans continually refuse to denounce these figureheads, they will remain - as an organization - a black mark on the country, not just honorably incorrect on the issues. Any GOP supporter who claims to just be in it for the supposedly low-tax, small government principles should have to answer for enabling the true nature of their party: a country that's more comfortable persecuting gays and lesbians, more comfortable demonizing minority religions, more committed to war than to peace, more comfortable lying to achieve their objectives than we were 7 years ago.

That is their legacy.

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