Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dreaming Big
Watching a replay of Meet the Press, Russert's interview with Bill Bradley, who's written a new book about...blah blah hope for the future blah blah. And I wonder...these guys who dream of being president, even the ones who clearly have no plan to enter the race, and would have no chance, really, do they nonetheless dream about their magical books somehow catching fire, leading to a groundswell of cheering unstoppable support, whisking them to the presidency on the wings of their inspiring words? Can somebody with presidential aspirations in their blood ever pass on the chance to dream about something like that?

Secondly, has anything like that ever happened? ever?

Do you think Kucinich thought that maybe, just maybe, when people got a whiff of his Department of Peace idea, that it would spread like wildfire across formerly non-voting young liberals who would carry him to the oval office on their under-25 shoulders to the strains of John Lennon? Is there a part of him that thought...this could be the idea...?

I admit to dreaming about winning the lottery...but watching Bradley got me to wondering what goes through politicians' minds when they have some free minutes to let their imaginations wander...

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