Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tubby is leaving - heading for the Big Ten and Minnesota. It's a huge embarrassing mistake that he wasn't appreciated. Sounds like he had enough.

In 10 years, he took UK to the final 8 four times, won a national championship, made the tournament each year and never lost a first-round game. He won more than 75% of his games at UK. Good luck finding someone who will do better.

I wonder who they will get to replace him? Can they pry Donovan away from FL? Unlikely. Calipari in Memphis? Too many rumors about recruiting violations. Gregg Marshall from Winthrop moving up from the mid-majors? Can't take a chance on unproven talent. Steve Lavin (former UCLA) out of the broadcast booth? Maybe. John Beeline from WV? That would be an interesting choice if he is willing to leave. Rick Barnes at Texas? Or Jamie Dixon at Pittsburgh? Or here's a crazy choice: Rick Pitino. Why not?

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