Friday, March 02, 2007

Funny Promotion
I have been anxious to see David Lunch's new film Inland Empire that is starting at the local indie theater, the Belcourt, this weekend. I notice they're running a promotion - see it 9 times and your 10th viewing is free! Clocking in at nearly 3 hours, and being a David Lynch movie, I'm not sure what signal that funny promotion is sending. Is it great or is it terrible? Have any A19 readers seen it?

I liked Mulholland Drive, though not as much as many critics did. And I really disliked Lost Highway, (at least I do now thinking back on it) maybe because I found the first half to be so interesting and promising before he descended into such self-parody (even for him) in the final half. My favorite of his is easily Wild at Heart (I like Blue Velvet less and less over time...).

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