Friday, September 16, 2005

We're Talkin' Base--ball
The Red Sox are teetering on the brink of playoff collapse, I'm sorry to say. The Yankees are bearing down with a Boston-New York series to go. Worst of all though is the Indians and Athletics are both on a tear. Cleveland has 6 games left with the hapless Royals to boot. If the Sox can't beat Oakland in at least 1 of the next 2, they might be out of a playoff spot by Monday. It's that close.

[UPDATE: Sox win. Have you ever seen a more clutch hitter than Ortiz? I never have - he's amazing. 2 more games with the A's. If they at least split, they can stay ahead of the Yanks that much longer--but would be nice if the team of darkness went on another of their losing streaks.]

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