Friday, September 16, 2005

Is this really a good idea?
In a few days, residents will begin moving back into this city one ZIP code at a time, speeding the revival of the economy in places like the French Quarter — the bawdy enclave that suffered relatively minor damage in the hurricane but is still without electricity.

Mayor C. Ray Nagin announced plans Thursday to reopen some of New Orleans' most vibrant and least flood-ravaged neighborhoods over the next week and a half, including the French Quarter. The move could bring back more than 180,000 of the city's half-million inhabitants.
Do we really want all those people back without electricity? And what's the water/sewage situation? I know people generally just piss on the streets in the quarter, but still.... And who wants to be one of the ones that orders a coffee next week? That water's gotta come from somewhere.

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