Thursday, September 15, 2005

Bush Speech
Transcript of Bush's address tonight. Surprisingly lengthy, with alot of attractive rhetoric and big promises. Some of them, huge. If only he actually had a penchant for doing precisely what he says, for the reasons he says and with the priorities he swears, this speech would make a federal commitment that Democrats and non-conservatives should be proud to embrace. Too bad he's not that trustworthy. But, this may have promised his way out of the low approval ratings and re-gained a foothold with the African-American community (if the positive response of those interviewed on TV are any indication).

But, he's asked nothing from Americans but to keep giving to other organizations. No raised taxes--in fact, tax breaks for businesses. I was glad he did acknowledge poverty, race, and again accept responsibility for the reaction of the government to the disaster. But it was probably just enough to win some public support, balloon the deficit, and not come close to solving any of the major problems he suggested. In short, it's a nightmare for Democrats.

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