Wednesday, April 27, 2005

What's W Up To? [updated]
Bush to hold prime time news conference Thursday
Unexpected announcement? Trying to stop the bleeding on approval numbers? Details on Social Security? Entering the filibuster fray?

Will an actual prostitute ask a question again? Or just the usual media whores?

[UPDATE: According to Scott McClellan, via TPM, we're going to hear some details about Social Security, and some thoughts on rising gas prices. Josh has THE question that must be asked. If we had an actual press corps, they would ask it just like this:
Mr. President, will you guarantee that all the money that you and your predecessors (Clinton, Bush and Reagan) have borrowed from the Trust Fund will be repaid in full with interest, as prescribed by law? And if so, why are you trying to convince people that Social Security runs into any difficulties at the end of the next decade?
But of course, they won't. I want to hear his horrible and ridiculous thoughts and plans and explanations, but I dread hearing their horrible and ridiculous questions. Maybe one of these days they will pleasantly surprise us, but it will take more than one gutsy reporter. He could shrug off one.]

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