Saturday, April 02, 2005

Besides medical costs (my premium just went up 29% - Woohoo!), no other necessity has seen a more rapid increase in pricetag than higher education. And yes these days, a necessity. It can be a crippling burden on families, and on kids trying to get out in the adult world. Americans can spend much of their adult life paying for the education they received when they were 18-22.

Instead of moving to relieve this problem, or even just committing to do no more harm, the Bush administration has made things worse. The good news is that there are some serious proposals in congress (including Barack Obama's first bill!) that would go along way toward repairing the damage done in the last 4 years. The bad news is that they have no chance of passing so long as Bush refuses to back them, even though that would require only keeping a campaign promise or two.

Our House republican leadership, too concerned with life to give much of a damn about life, are in the way. Campaign for America's Future leader Earl Hadley has the details (via

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