Friday, April 08, 2005

Sad to say, my fabulous Nissan Sentra may have to be replaced one of these days. I am only about a half of a week away from crossing over 175,000 miles. I assume that eventually something will go wrong with it (though maybe not!). I have assumed that when the mournful day comes, I will find another Nissan, and why not, given how well this one has held up?

But today, I got a reason why not. Nissan has come rushing to the aid of none other than Tom Delay with 5 grand for his legal defense fund. Other companies can be found at the new anti-Delay site, It shares info on the dense layers of corruption that surround him.

Is there a responsible inexpensive car out there, for when the need arises? Or do all the automotive companies support Republicans to avoid increased emission standards?

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