Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Not Boltin'
Like Mike Tyson's intent to crawl back in the ring, Bush and Rove shake off their beatings at the hand of Social Security and Iraq, determined to pummel their (political) enemies no matter the stakes, the consequences, or the facts at hand. It would seem they are applying the same punch-drunk philosophy to the Bolton nomination, as Bush has reiterated his confidence in the "serial abuser" up for UN ambassador.

Laura Rozen has a little background/info on Voinovich to contextualize his unexpected hesitance to follow orders, and she points to more layers of sludge oozing out of Bolton that I hadn't heard before, including his attempt to fire a Justice Department attorney for having the nerve to take maternity leave. Steve Clemons offers links to the transcripts of staff testimony before the committee.

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