Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Bolton in Trouble?
Laura Rozen at War and Piece has been watching the Bolton hearings (he's nominated by Bush to be UN ambassador), in which Republican Carl Ford said that he had "never seen anyone so abusive to a subordinate" as Bolton. If you want to know what's happening there, give it a read. (via Kevin Drum)

UPDATE: Chafee (the only Republican thought likely to vote no in committee--and only one is needed) says he's still voting yes, so it's probably a done deal. Sounds pretty cowardly--people who think he may switch parties are dreaming. He's GOP through and through. This vote is just a case in point.

If Chris Shays' gamble doesn't pay off though, and he's run out of the leadership, persona non grata in the Republican Party, he may be the one to jump ship. I'd take him.

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