Sunday, April 10, 2005

Cutting their losses?
Both kinds of Republicans are starting to distance themselves from Hot Tub Tom Delay:
The crazy wacko right-wing kind, like Santorum:
"I think he has to come forward and lay out what he did and why he did it."

and the slightly less crazy right-wing kind, like Shays:
"He is an absolute embarrassment to me and to the Republican Party," Rep. Christopher Shays (R) of Connecticut told a constituents at a townhall meeting in Greenwich on Saturday.

"Do I think Tom DeLay will be the majority leader by the end of this term? No," Shays went on to say. "I don't think Tom DeLay is going to survive."

And even his cohorts are tiring of his self-righteous posturing:
"Everybody is lying," [Jack] Abramoff told a former colleague...."Those S.O.B.s," Abramoff said last week about DeLay and his staffers, according to his luncheon companion. "DeLay knew everything. He knew all the details."

Let's not forget which Republicans voted in caucus to change the ethics rules to let him keep his leadership position.

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