Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Wednesday Topic: Socialized Health Care
Blogger at my morning post, and it's not worth re-typing in full, but here's the idea. Kevin Drum started a conversation on the health care system in France and points to happy stories of efficiency, convenience and of course virtually no cost to the sick/injured individual. Does anyone have any international health care horror stories? Or is it all joyous and light? I don't have any direct experience, so I can't have too much of an opinion, except a general skepticism that there must be some downside. But, I do know enough to agree on this point: if we were starting over on a new health care system with the goal of excellence, efficiency and convenience, I don't know if we would turn to a system that looks like France, but I know we wouldn't run with anything like what we've got now.

Read Kevin's posts here, here and here. [UPDATE: and here]
Anyone have personal health care experiences out of the country, good or bad?

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