Sunday, December 19, 2004

What about the gun?
Johnnie Carl killed himself Friday. He was the music director for Rev. Robert Schuller's Crystal Palace Ministries, the televised "Hour of Power," one of those huge 10,000+ member mega-church estates. He also conducted/arranged some for John Tesh, Lee Greenwood and Celine Dion. Yes that would drive me into a deep depression as well, but apparently he was already there.

My question is: what is a man with a history of bipolar disorder and depression--a 30-year battle--doing with a gun? And why did friends/family let him have one? I've read 3 or 4 stories about this, and everyone seems to take as normal the part where he retreats to his church office and pulls out his pistol. I suppose it could have been a secret. But I doubt it.

People: Stay on your medication, and away from firearms. Seriously.

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