Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Conyers Hearing
It's hard to keep up, what with basketball players being charged, baseball players on steroids, and other very important news...

But on the Hill today, hearings were held to look into voting irregularities in Ohio. William Rivers Pitt of Truthout is blogging from the hearings. There is alot of information there, but it's fascinating. If this is being repeated on CSpan tonight, it is definitely worth the time to watch. Snippets:
Jackson is giving an impassioned call to arms. I will provide a transcript as soon at it becomes available. He is tossing barbs at Kerry for conceding too early, and reminding the Democrats en masse that they live and die by the minority vote, that it was minority voters who bore the brunt of the 2004 'irregularities,' and that something better be done.
Neas just blew the doors off. There were less voting machines in Cuyahoga County on election day than there were during the primary vote. Neas says Blackwell wins the Katherine Harris Award, and there should be prosecutions for the vote fraud.
Rev. Jackson: "We cannot vent and then have Congress not act. If these reports are not investigated, we have all wasted our time. This cannot simply be an academic venting session. Take this struggle to the streets and legitimize it there, as they did in Selma."
The background for the hearings can best be seen in this letter from Conyers to Ohio Secretary of State Blackwell. Democrats convened the hearings without support or attendance of any Republican members. The event should be getting loads of press, but of course it is not.

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