Sunday, December 12, 2004

Pentagon breaks the laws of Physics!
Well, whaddyaknow....
The Army moved Friday to boost production of armored Humvees for troops in Iraq by 100 a month, abandoning assertions that Pentagon officials could not procure them any faster.

Steps to increase production came two days after Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told U.S. troops being sent to combat that assembly lines installing armor on the vehicles were already operating at maximum capacity.

Pentagon officials confirmed Friday that the Army had entered negotiations to secure more armored Humvees, but they did not explain why officials did not realize before Friday that production could be increased.

Meeting with troops in Kuwait on Wednesday, Rumsfeld was asked by a Tennessee National Guard member why troops were forced to rummage through scrap yards to find metal to protect their vehicles.

Rumsfeld told the soldier, Spc. Thomas Wilson, that “a matter of physics” prevented U.S. plants from stepping up production of armored Humvees.
For a crowd that could care less about running up national debt, they sure are a bunch of cheap bastards when it comes to caring for troops, in and out of battle.

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