Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Howard Dean Today
He spoke today on the future of the Democratic Party:
I have seen all the doomsday predictions that the Democratic Party could shrink to become a regional Party. A Party of the Northeast and the Pacific Northwest.

We cannot be a Party that seeks the presidency by running an 18-state campaign. We cannot be a party that cedes a single state, a single District, a single precinct, nor should we cede a single voter.
There is a Party of fiscal responsibility... economic responsibility.... social responsibility... civic responsibility... personal responsibility... and moral responsibility.

It's the Democratic Party.

We need to be able to say strongly, firmly, and proudly what we believe.
Full transcript is here. If they don't make Governor Dean the head of the Party, it will be one of the biggest recent mistakes in a long line of mistakes. The nature of the opposition is clear: he represents change.

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