Monday, November 24, 2008

What have you been reading, watching, listening to?

Political Spectacle
Doug makes the very reasonable speculation that Sarah Palin may simply be an elaborate performance art piece. As such, she belongs in Media Monday. It's the best explanation I've heard yet. Andrew Sullivan has the latest installation.

Household Art
Some of these are really cool. I like the thumb tacks and the sponge picture. (via Andrew Sullivan)

Free Song For a Day

A new song from Bruce Springsteen is available for free download, but just today.
It's the first offering from Springsteen's upcoming album, also titled "Working on a Dream," which will be released January 27, five days before the rock star and the E Street Band perform at the Super Bowl halftime show in Tampa, Florida.
You can get the song via iTunes or his website.

The Pope and John Lennon Work it Out
Who says the Vatican doesn't engage in a little moral relativism? Exposed to contemporary rock music (the kids today...), the Pope's decided the Beatles weren't so bad after all.

The Fireman
In other Beatle-related news, Paul McCartney's alter ego has a new album:
So now, young freak-folk indie-rockers have serious competition from actual ’60s titans like Mr. McCartney. On this album he sets loose his inner hippie — playful, tuneful, enigmatic, benevolent — in songs like “Traveling Light,” a Celtic-mode waltz in which he plinks a thumb piano, sings a lot of high oohs and whispers, “I glide on the green leaf/not asking for more.”
Weekend Box Office
1. Twilight
2. Quantum of Solace
3. Bolt
4. Madagascar 2
5. Role Models

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