Thursday, November 06, 2008

Election Continues, Feeding Addiction
What are we supposed to do now that the campaign is over? I was confused when there were no new tracking polls this morning to investigate. Luckily, close and contested results, along with a runoff in Georgia, will help wean us off of election obsession.

It would seem there is actually hope that Franken can take the Minnesota seat after all the ballots are inspected in a mandatory statewide recount. Al trails by less than 500 250 votes. MN uses all opti-scan ballots. Those that may not have been counted by the machine but will be counted in a recount include those in which voters made a mark for a candidate but failed to fill in the oval properly. Apparently, this happens often enough.

In Alaska, there is also some slim hope that Begich can overome Stevens' 3,000-vote lead. 60,000 votes remain - some early and absentee votes, as well as their provisional ballots.

Oregon's Jeff Merkley won after all, so Democrats are up to 57 in the Senate, +6. Should Begich and Franken somehow win, the Georgia runoff would be for #60.

In WA-08, Darcy Burner trails by about 2,000, but lots still to count. [UPDATE: Burner lost.]

In Virginia, the awful incumbent Virgil Goode is behind by 31 votes, with provisionals still to come.

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