Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
Obviously, it's a big night for the country and for Democrats and everyone who believes in calm leadership based on knowledge and reason.

It looks like we are falling a bit short of what could-have-been in the Senate. Al Franken trails by 500 votes after all precincts reported. There will be a recount, but not sure the chances that it will make any difference. Probably a runoff in GA which I expect the Democrat to lose handily (what's going to get all those young people and African-Americans to the polls for a Senate runoff?). Oregon is still counting, but Merkley is behind. If he doesn't make it, and the others stand, that will put Dems at 56 w/Lieberman, a gain of only 5 - what seemed like the very low end of possibility going in.

Disgustingly, Rep. Michele Bachmann won her re-election and can take her place at the head of HUAC, I suppose. I can only presume that if she can't be beaten in an atmosphere like this, she will be able to keep that seat forever. Shockingly, convicted felon Ted Stevens looks like he will be re-elected (still some absentee ballots to count). Everyone's calling on him to resign, he may face prison time and a censure, but hey let's re-elect him. Most disappointing outcome of the night, Prop 8 in CA successfully nullified state recognition of the beautiful marriages of gay couples. Progress comes slow, I suppose, but I think a better result there may have really been a leap forward.

Still hard not to feel good knowing President Barack H. Obama is on the way.

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