Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why Watch the Debate?
Here's what I've decided, for the good of my health - and it has the benefit of being true: the Democratic nomination is over; one of the candidates is just taking a little time coming around to the reality. So, trying not to obsess over the process of getting there, knowing that really no matter what happens in PA, or in NC or IN for that matter, Obama's lead in pledged delegates is simply insurmountable.

So, really, why bother yourself with this torturous debate, which could have you variously cringing or throwing things at the TV, as Hillary continues to pile on with GOP-style attacks designed to cripple out assured nominee?

Intead, watch an underdog with at least a mathematical chance of victory: the Nashville Predators, taking on the Red Wings in game 4 of their playoff series, trying to even things up. I have my doubts that the Preds can actually come up with a second win in a row over the best team in the NHL, but - as opposed to Hillary's postseason effort - at least they are still in the race, one win from tying things up; and even a loss tonight does not knock them out just yet.

The game is on the Versus Network around 9 Eastern/8 Central. I'll be in section 330, wearing the same lucky underwear I wore for the thrilling game 2 victory (kidding, mom).

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