Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I had a post all lined up tonight about the Rev. Wright business - my take on what compels men in a position of guidance and authority to seemingly sabotage the efforts of their protege (or of their flock in this case). I think that's what has happened here with Wright and Obama.

Lucky for you, you are spared the whole thing, because then I read John Cole's post and remembered how stupid it is that we get sucked into these trivial political vortexes. Why is Wright a story? Aren't we in a recession and in 2 wars of dubious progress, exacerbating a climate crisis and a food shortage, and ignoring a health care crisis, while trampling the Constitution? How do we have a news cycle to spare on this other crap? Or, as Cole says:
Maybe it is because I am totally and unrepentantly in the tank for Obama, but I just can’t get worked up over what his pastor said. Maybe it is because I am not religious, and I am used to religious people saying things that sound crazy. Or maybe I just refuse to spend any more time and energy getting worked up over and denouncing, distancing, and rejecting the wrong people- people who really don’t matter in the big scheme of things. If you have a memo from Jeremiah Wright to John Yoo showing how we should become a rogue nation, let me know. If you have pictures of Jeremiah Wright voting against the GI Bill, send it to me. If you have evidence of Jeremiah Wright training junior soldiers on the finer aspects of stacking and torturing naked Iraqi captives, pass them on.

Until then, I just can’t seem to get all worked up about the crazy scary black preacher that Obama has to “throw under the bus.”
Hello!! Our President *sent us to war* on the grounds of a big mistake while he was on some kind of testosterone bender *and we are still there* 4,000 dead soldiers later.... He appointed some political crony with no experience to head FEMA and they sat around while *one of our major cities drowned* and those are just the 2 monumental blunders-of-a-generation that come to mind first. And in the all important election to clean up after his mess, this is what people want to talk about? A candidate's pastor and all the crazy things he's said? Seriously?

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