Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama Press Conference [UPDATED]
Supposedly to address the newest round of Rev. Wright, who I thought was by turn smart, funny, challenging, and incredibly egotistical and sanctimonious yesterday.

Not sure I think it's a good idea to sanction another go of questions about it, but they must know it's hurting.

Meanwhile new polls have Obama down by 6 in IN and up by 12 in NC, and new superdelegate endorsements have him within 20 of Clinton in that score now.

[UPDATE: Well, I get it now. Obama has thrown Wright completely under the bus. Ran over him, backed up, and ran over him again. Can't say that he doesn't deserve it. Press guy on MSNBC saying he's never seen Obama so angry as he was over Wright essentially hijacking the campaign at a bad time, and accusing the Senator of pandering in his Philadelphia speech on race, which was in fact very gracious toward the Reverend.

UPDATE 2: Better said, Andrew Sullivan is correct. Rev. Wright is the one who threw Obama under the bus. Obama just refused to stand for it.]

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