Tuesday, April 22, 2008

That is my current election return mood. The Clinton campaign is content to ruin the party for a generation, ruin the chances of a young political superstar, and run the country further into the ground under Republican rule. If Hillary can't be President, they are telling us, then let no Democrat be President. She would rather travel the country convincing especially elderly and blue collar voters that they simply can't trust Obama with their vote, knowing full well that *there is no way for her to win the nomination.* Oh and by the way, the networks have projected Barack Obama the winner of the pledged delegate count. That was supposed to mean something because of, you know, the rules, but oh well.

I'm not shocked that Hillary is refusing to lose gracefully. I am shocked that so many Democrats are falling for, and perpetuating, her political suicide mission. (Even my anti-Obama Hillary-supporting feminist friend has come around now. I'll have an Obama sign in her front yard by fall.) Why are so many elected officials still supporting her through her tearing down of our nominee?

I'm giving the media and the Democratic higher-ups just 2 more weeks to figure this out. And if they don't, I'm gonna....I'm gonna....like...type an angry blog post or something. So, think about that before you deny me a celebration after North Carolina on May 6.

If there was any sanity around, we would currently be celebrating the true news, which is this:

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