Thursday, November 11, 2004

Values Watch
Noted racist and anti-semite Bob Jones has a serious conflict with noted religious freak James Dobson (ahhh, here come the internal rifts, right?): Jones (via Kos) believes that liberals hate Jesus, and he's telling Bush about it, whereas Dobson is not willing to say he knows for sure whether we hate Jesus(he's pretty moderate that way), but definitely knows that liberals hate people who love Jesus.

A crack in the armor.

Meanwhile Kevin Drum went looking for religious guidance on the issue of abortion in, of all places...the Bible. Why look there? His research seems to indicate to him that fundamentalist Christians have over-stated their case by quite a bit. Would they do that?

Personally, I'm not sure we want to let the Pentateuch inform our ethic systems one way or another here, much less our criminal code; and I'm saying that as someone that doesn't even really like shrimp.

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