Sunday, November 28, 2004

Republicans in Congress Hate Education
The new budget slashes grant and loan money for low and middle-income students whose crime is wanting to go to college. The mandate takes effect, and conservative lawmakers (if they even knew this provision was in the bill) are showing their true feelings about funding education. From the Boston Globe:
About 85,000 of the 5.2 million students currently eligible to receive Pell grants will become ineligible. And 1.2 million others will get a smaller award under a new formula the government will use to determine how much families can afford to pay for college, according to estimates from the American Council on Education, or ACE. The change will take effect for students starting or returning to classes next summer or fall.

Higher education officials worry that the change, estimated to save the government about $300 million in next year's budget, will hurt students already struggling to pay for college.

"Nobody knows if the change will actually lead anybody to abandon their plans for postsecondary education," said Terry Hartle, senior vice president at ACE. ''The best-case scenario is that families will have to dig deeper to pay for college, perhaps by working more hours or taking out more loans."
The best case scenario doesn't sound very good to me... Why do Republicans in Congress hate regular American families trying to get ahead economically through education? We're all for the lowest responsible taxes, and for supporting our troops, but really whose tax cuts, and which military deployments, will this slash fund?

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