Wednesday, November 03, 2004

It was the war, stupid...
The war on gay people, that is. Isn't that what "moral values" is secret code for these days? I find it absolutely stunning, and frightening, that "moral values" was named the number one issue by voters yesterday. It outpaced the economy, the war we're dying in, and the other "war" we're waging with no plan or hope of victory.

But they can't pass state hate amendments forever. Those are why we lost. All part of the plan to get evangelicals to the polls in record numbers. Let's face it, the turnout really wasn't that great, compared to our hopes. Doesn't look like we'll approach 120 million, and most optimistic Dem predictions we closer to 125 million or more. The turnout kept up with population growth, plus about 4 million more people that voted for Bush, exactly the amount Rove said were out there in churches across the country. Andrew Sullivan believes federalism is the answer around the corner. Americans will simply have to choose the state where the laws reflect their values. Or else be unhappy. That sounds about right.

If you can fit it in every day for the next 4 years, you might say a little prayer for the health of Justices Stevens and Ginsburg and Breyer (and the greatest of these is Stevens). And for that matter, O'Connor and Kennedy, who at least help us keep some of the worst shit from getting through.

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